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The Big Sur blog that has been covering fires, the weather, road conditions, and other events since 2008. Voted Best Blog of Monterey County in 2014. Send your news and photos, and we will do our best to post them. send to:

HEADER PHOTO…is one of my own.

it’s time for a new header photo, preferably a fall-related theme. Must be one taken in Big Sur. I’ll pick the top ones, and then let readers decide on the final winner. I haven’t gone out and solicited a prize for this one, so no prize, but the knowing you are helping out a popular local blog😊 If it isn’t in the proper format for this blog, it will not be in the finalists. I’ll let you know the deadlines after the Jade Festival. Also, if it is too large a file for me to download, it probably won’t make the finalists. Winner will, of course, get credithere.

Remember, for entries, it is 760×151 pixels.

Here comes the rain …

•October 30, 2014 • 3 Comments

Pay close attention to the Orange over Big Sur … 2-3″ expected! Base on what I’ve seen between 3 meteorologists, I’m guessing it will start between 1 and 3. Blessed Be!


Monarch Count

•October 30, 2014 • 2 Comments

Dear Neighbors,

The Monarch’s need our help to get a good count of their numbers between now and early December. Ann Wasser of the PG Museum needs you to let her know if you or a neighbor or friend has places where Monarch’s are roosting/passing through to get a good count of their numbers. They found over 500 in my eucalyptus trees this morning!

If you can help, it is most appreciated. Also, if you could send them out to the Carmel Highlands Association and/or Mal Paso Association email lists that would be espeially helpful. Please notify Ann with any information you might have

email address above and also

Thank you,


Happy Halloween, BSMAAC, and weather

•October 29, 2014 • 5 Comments

The BSMAAC meeting is this Friday, Halloween. On the Agenda is the introduction of the new USFS Los Padres Supervisor, Cal Trans project updates, Presentation to Big Sur Lodge, and presentation by B-Sage, as well as reports by member agencies.

Also, rain is on tap to start by Halloween morn. Most welcome, of course.

Finally, from my friend Dan Danborn:


And don’t forget Nepenthe’s Bal Masque which benefits our very own Big Sur Volunteer Fire Department. See Nepenthe .com for tickets!

Smoke Drift

•October 27, 2014 • 5 Comments

Later – it is quite possible that a controlled burn on FHL caused the smoke drift I saw. CB scheduled earlier in the month was cancelled due to winds and weather conditions.

6:00 pm – considerable smoke drift coming from North East of here. Doesn’t look particularly close, or threatening, but still investigating a possible cause. There was a smoke check at Mill Creek, but probably re this drift. One wildfire down in Fraiser Park, the opposite direction. If I find anything, I will post. If I cannot confirm where and what this is, I may not.

Apple Pie School needs Help

•October 26, 2014 • 2 Comments

Good Afternoon Mrs. Kate,
My Name is Danella Deorta. I am writing to you for help. Our Apple Pie school here in Big sur has been struggling with budget cuts and are in need of help. I am a local mother of three boys they are no longer in Apple pie but one of them did attend last year. We are trying our best to get the word out. We do not ask for much one or two dollars will go a long way. If possible people are also welcome to bring Breakfast foods down to the Apple pie school themselves. Low in sugar breakfast is what is most needed. 2% milk, cereal, bread, yogurt cottage cheese, string cheese, items like this. Here is a link to our Donation center that I just opened today. We will be donating everything to Apple pie the Second of every month. I am hoping you can help me spread the word. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,
Danella Deorta

Hello Big Sur community, Friends, Family anyone willing to listen; Apple Pie School has been going through a tuff time as the breakfast funds have been cut this year … (Read more at the link below)
View on


•October 25, 2014 • 5 Comments

1 pm – It started somewhere around 8 am down here … Just a drizzle that didn’t even register on the rain gauge. Eventually, it turned into a real, genuine, gentle wetness. I have currently registered .30″ – much more than I was led to expect, and each and every drop met with a welcoming smile – even down to the wet, dirty, muddy dog prints all over my hardwood floor. I’ll mop tomorrow.

Are you enjoying this? How much have you received? Next Friday is our next chance, so rejoice in the sweet moisture today.


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