Sherry Tune departs

Last week, Sherry Tune started making personal phone calls to let individuals she had worked closely with know that she would be departing the LPNF Ranger District. This morning she had this message distributed for public information.

” I want to thank the Communities I’ve served for making my short tenure here on the Monterey Ranger District as the District Ranger very exciting, special and memorable. I am transitioning to a Forest Supervisor position on the Mendocino National Forest. This promotion for me is bittersweet. I love my work and enjoy the people I work with.”

Sherry told me she would be starting her new position on Valentine’s Day. She made a lot of friends here in Big Sur, and was always accessible to us. Blessings to you, Sherry, on your new adventure.

~ by bigsurkate on January 12, 2012.

2 Responses to “Sherry Tune departs”

  1. Thanks, Sherry, for your wonderful service to this special part of the world, we all will miss you, come and visit again!

  2. Thank you, Sherry. The remarkable Big Sur and thems what loves it, who have been so happily seized by this extraordinary geography. Good luck on your adventuring into new delights.

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