Big Sur Hazardous Fuel Reduction – South Coast Version







12/12/12 – all the above photos, and I am still uploading them, were taken on Gorda Mountain last week.
3/10/12 – I am setting up this page so that all interested
parties can submit their monitoring photographs, reports, questions
and anything else of interest regarding this project so we can
track it. This is for the $178,000 matching federal grant that John
Handy of Treebones helped us obtain. Lara Pangburn of Cal Fire is
the project manager. She will be submitting monthly reports, which
I will be posting or summarizing here, as well. Last Thursday, I
met with Jonathan Pangburn of Cal Fire, our forester, and Matt
Harris of the Big Sur Fire Brigade to discuss fire mitigation
measures here. Jonathan got to see first hand the plight that
access has become with the lack of maintenance on Plaskett Ridge
Rd. As with all other pages on my blog, the most recent updates
will be at the top, and I will date all. For now, I just wanted to
get this page started and explained. It may well be archived after
a completion and a reasonable time for access. I will make that
decision at later time.

3 Responses to “Big Sur Hazardous Fuel Reduction – South Coast Version”

  1. Thanks Kate, for making us official.

  2. For those in Big Sur that would like to sign up for our Hazardous Fuels Reduction project that have not had a chance to do so, please shoot me an email. I am the project manager and I will get The process rolling for you.

    (909) 744-2646

  3. Thank you to all the community members who have been participating. We are working through the environmental process and welcome any questions that anyone may have. Please contact me. Thanks for your patience.

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