PV School’s Third Annual Earth Day Hike for Health

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Foto Friday, 21

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Jade Necklace by Matt Glasby in bigsurkate’s collection. Shell by Mother Nature.>

California’s Drought

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I ran into a wonderful country lady at the Cookie Crock today (hi, Joan!) and we talked about water and the mountains and human interference. Her spring is doing great. No change in forever. My spring is great. No change in at least 65 years. Neither of us interfere. We catch what the mountains gives us, leave a little runoff for the birds, the critters, and the goddess, but don’t try to get it from deep below, or make it do what it wants not to do. As long as we let it run, it will always run.

All that as the precursor to a couple photos I took on Saturday, on the way to King City.


This was the reason I went to King City. It was at least 2 and 1/2 feet in diameter. This tree blocked Plaskett. Duke, of the USFS eventually dragged it out of the way. I love the drive to King City, although it is long and tough.

This is a creek-fed pond at Chalk Camp off So Coast Rd. I was shocked to see so much water in it.

And this is a creek that feeds into or becomes the Nacemiento River. We are in the third year of a drought, but there is water, in the mountains where no one interferes.

Nature’s Oddities

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This unusual pine is on my property. Why I never saw it before, and how it got this way is one of the many mysteries of Mother Nature and Big Sur. That’s why I am here.


And here is a closer look.


“Personality One” by Don Harlan, part 4

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Big Sur Ski Report (that got your attention)

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I tried to post this when it happened, or the day after, or the day after that … But …

Here is a photo


Indian Joe Memorial

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Saturday, April 12th at Sand Dollar noonish. Will be Indian Ceremony. Pot luck. Bring stories, drums, and laughter.


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