I am going to start collecting my “Foto Fridays” here, so they will be easy to locate, since I haven’t done anything with this page for a LONG time!


This is one of my favorite places to photograph, besides my home.



This is the Eastern White-Bearded Wildebeast. He is sedentary, unlike his migratory Western white-Bearded Wildebeast cousin, which is darker and has smaller horns. He will migrate some, if conditions require, but he is not the one that participates in the great migration, typically.


I am starting to get into doing some different things with my photography, and I will be posting a few of those to this page from time to time. These are photos I have digitally manipulated in some fashion. I am playing.

Crystal Moments

bring in the clowns


8 Responses to “Photography”

  1. Thanks for this page Kate! :)

  2. you are welcome, Leslie! Come visit whenever you need a photo fix, as I will be adding new stuff often. You’ll see a whole different side to my photography than that posted in my regular blog, in most cases.

  3. Oh my Kate! So lovely and intriging. Thanks for sharing your work!

  4. Please change the picture of the Albany, Ca courthouse to the correct city Auburn, Ca all of us Auburnites would appreciate it

  5. Eric … My apologies to all Auburnites. Brain Fart. I loved your little town! As soon as I have reliable internet again, I will upload the photo with the correct designation. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  6. Inspiratiob … Thank you for Sharing these … Gonna go outside tight now and just keep shooting !!

  7. I hadn’t seen these before Kate, and your work is wonderful. I like the broad variety of subjects that draw your eye, and lighting is beaufiful, from the misty gardens, to red cliffs to the indoor.

  8. Kate I got a great shot (from my remote game camera) here on Clear Ridge)
    Cougar…..want to post it? Mombo

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