Travel Stories

This is the page where I will compile my travel stories, with maybe a few photos of my various experiences in travel.

Fantasia, the Cobra, and the Donkey, May 2009:

May found Rose and I whisking off to Morocco and Greece for a few weeks. Very different cultures, and both so different from our own. Many “stories” evolved in both places, and here, I will tell three of them.


On the way from Casablanca to Rabat, our guide/driver, Mohammed, gave Rose & I the option of traveling the coastal route or the inland route. Being California gals, there was no question which we would choose. Along the way, we happened upon the Fantasia. It is a competition among Berber tribes showing off their horsemanship. What a treat and delight that was, even more so in that it was not planned. Here are a few photographs:

(photos here)

The Cobra

The Marketplace is a huge square that is virtually empty for much of the day, but come late in the afternoon, it begins to fill up with merchants, performers, and sundry other people, including one snake charmer. Yes, a snake charmer. That, of course, meant a cobra, although the charmer also had some rattler-type snakes curled up on his rug, unrestrained.

(to be continued, with photos added.)

The Donkey

(to post at a future time.)


March of 2009, Colorado Springs:

We traveled by car from Big Sur to Colorado Springs to visit my daughter.

dsc_1151We stayed at Best Western hotels, as that is what the ex wanted. Our first night in Barstow was uneventful. Our second night in Salina, UT, we were rudely awakened to the sound of the alarm, set by a previous guest. The clock read 5 am, so we figured we might as well get up, and get an early start. We had coffee, packed up, and then I checked my cell phone. The clock was mistaken. It was only 3 am when it went off. Too late to go back to sleep.

Our fourth night, again in a Best Western, this time in Colorado, we woke at 3 am to the most gawd-awful screeching and flashing lights. It took us a while to figure out that it was the fire-alarm. It went off, then back on a number of times. Finally, the ex goes to the front desk to figure out what is going on. A fire in the microwave, smoke filling the hallways, and firemen on their way. Eventually, the building was cleared, and we managed to grab another hour of sleep. 

In Pumo, Peru in May of 2008:

Here is a story I shared with a friend, that he liked:

Puno, May 2008

While in Puno, we learned that the road to Juliaca (where our flight back to Lima was located) was to be blocked by protesters the day we were to travel it, so we canceled our last night in Puno, had the hotel recommend and make a reservation for a hotel in Juliaca, and called a cab to take us. The hotel in Juliaca was the “nicest” one in town. If that is “nice” – I don’t want to see what “bad” is. But it was overflowing with people waiting for flights out in the am. People were sleeping in the lobby as there were no rooms left. We could not leave the hotel, as the area was dangerous. We had to take a rickshaw type thing (see photo below) to the airport the next morning, as cabs could not get through. The Peruvian people, when they “strike” or protest, block the roads with glass, debris, etc. The rickshaw had to drive on the sidewalk to get us to our flight. The small airport lobby was also packed with people who had spent the night.

June 2007:

Mad Dog and I traveled to Provence to visit a friend who had moved there. We stayed with her, and her husband in a 700 year-old house in the tiny, happy village of Barbentane. She drove us all over the beautiful countryside. We took the back roads, visited the local farmer’s market most days, getting our roasted chicken, fresh fruit, bread, cheese, and a couple of bottles of wine. Sometimes, we would bring the left-overs from the incredible dinner she cooked the night before. She had a fold-up table in the trunk, and we would stop on the side of the road and have our lunch. People honked and waved. 

On one of our trips, she forgot to remove the hand brake, and drove for some time with it on. As we entered a small village, the local gardine pulled us over — the brakes were smoking! She stopped half in the street. The gardine had us walk across the street to a little cafe, where we enjoyed an unexpected break. He called 4 local guys over, who simply picked up the car, and set it over out of the way. I have photos of this on my other computer, and will post when I can.

5 Responses to “Travel Stories”

  1. Hi Kate,
    Thanks for the fire postings. Hate to see them, but glad to know. Love your site.

  2. Kate,

    I have seen your posts on MILO law; looked at your “ElectricLaw” website and now this website. I must say that you live an interesting life. I am intrigued with your writing and lifestyle. We are both lawyers with an interest in MACS (I also love dogs and outdoors). Otherwise we don’t share much in common I am a father of 4 young children and live in UT. However, I am inspired by your writing and the simple elegance of your lifestyle. Good luck with your wilderness living. your practice and all of your other pursuits.

  3. Here’s a report in the local Boulder, Colorado, newspaper about a bike rider cruising through Big Sur. Great video!

  4. Been to Juliaca. Stayed at La Italia Hotel in Puno. It was fine. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Stayed at a wonderful hotel on the lake in Puno. Juliaca, not so good. But what an adventure!

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