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Town trips

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When I moan about how long it takes to do some simple grocery shopping, Mother Nature reminds me how lucky I truly am. I think of my girlfriends in So Cal, my mother, God bless her, when she lived in Redondo, and on and on, and am struck by such incredible differences. Yes, they can get delivery of their groceries. Yes, they can choose from hundreds of different stores, and yes, they pay a price for this convenience … Too big a price, in my opinion. I get to see this when I go grocery shopping. What do you see?


Big Creek Annual Open House

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Open House, May 9, 2015

UC Santa Cruz and the UC Natural Reserve System invite you to the Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve

Saturday, May 9, 2015 9am-4pm

Entry is by RSVP only. Space will be limited.

Registration required here

Open House is the only day of the year that the Reserve is open to the general public. You are welcome to visit, learn what we are all about, meet the staff and explore the Reserve. We’ll have folks at the main entrance who can share their experience and knowledge with you about lots of topics. Bring hiking shoes and a sack lunch. Driving tours are not available. Parking is limited to the pullout just south of the reserve gates. Park on the highway pullout and walk down to the gatehouse from there. Watch for signs out on the highway. Please carpool if possible. Click here for driving directions.

We look for volunteers to help get the trails ready or even on the day of the open house itself. Read about our Volunteer Stewardship Program for more info.

For more information, call or email 
the reserve director, Mark Readdie.
(831) 667-2543 

Rain, glorious rain! Real rain!

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7:00 am- i woke up at 4:00 am to see that I had received only .04″ of rain. Nothing to get excited about. Went back to sleep around 5:00, and still nothing significant. At 6:30, a decent hour, I woke to see it was “raining cats and dogs” per my gauge, and noted I had received .55″! Now THAT is something to get excited about, but it gets even better. Now, a 1/2 hour later, my gauge reads .75! When I read Pam Cromie’s FB post about hoping for 2″, I thought, yeah, right. Now, I think it is possible. enjoy, enjoy! I am going to build a fire, as it is a tad chilly.

Foto Friday, 4/24/15

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i didn’t get photos up last Friday as I was at a Memorial service for Rock Knocker’s brother. I have some photos of the San Luis Reservoir I thought were of interest. While low, there is still a lot of water there!

Instead, I bring you  a fun shot from Mike Morales, his fifth or sixth photo featured on a local (KION’s) weather report. Congratulations, Mike! And thanks for letting me feature this.




Rain tomorrow, Saturday

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 From the NWS FB page yesterday. Can you believe how excited we get over 1/10th of an inch? I could actually have between 1/4and 1/2 inches. That is something to get excited about. 

Grass Fire Shuts down 101 near Salinas Airport & early am fire at PB Lodge

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4:00 pm – Two vegetation fires in Salinas have shut down Highway 101 at Airport Boulevard due to heavy smoke across the freeway. The fire was reported at 3:10 p.m. on the roadside of southbound Highway 101, but by 3:28 p.m. a second fire started near the northbound lanes just south of the Salinas Municipal Airport.

The Lodge at Pebble Beach Experienced a fire this am just after 4:00 am. I have a photo of that fire which I will continue to try to upload.



Fire near King City shuts down NB lanes of 101

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4:47 PM 5 [20] 40 JNO WILDHORSE , SMOKE 1125 BOTH LNS
4:46 PM 4 [19] B8-040 SMOKE 1125 NB LNS, 40B ENTERING FRM FIRST ST
4:43 PM 3 [12] RP HERM / JNO 1ST / SMOKE /831-241-3570 [Shared]
4:41 PM 2 [4] [Appended, 16:42:53] [1] VEG FIRE 

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