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HEADER PHOTO…is by Dan Danbom. Thanks, Dan.

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Thunder, lightning, and rain!

•July 1, 2015 • 2 Comments

Rain may help, but there are strike downs on the eastern portion of the Santa Lucias. A fire started in Lockwood. Keep an eye out, and call it in. Could easily cause a wildfire … Somewhere … And resources could be spread thin.


Report of Fire above HML, South side of Graves Canyon

•June 30, 2015 • 4 Comments

7/1 6:30 am update – fire kept to 4/10ths of an acre per LPF. Good job, everyone! Big Sur thanks you!

7:30 Nepenthes weather cam available here: Weather cam

06/30/2015 18:16 LPF-1837

Stoneridge Wildfire 48603 Hwy 1 near the Henry Miller Library and Nepenthe . BC12LPF DIV1LPF E15PNF E17LPF E18LPF PAT18LPF Q . . . 36.224 x 121.753

7:00 Confirmed. BSVFB and Cal Fire on site. Another report says LPF is also on site. Reports are 2 acres.

Photo from Stone Ridge by Joyce Duffy.

6:30 pm Just came in 15 mins ago. Have not been able to confirm. RP says Cal Fire on scene. Note: this is not showing up on CHP or WildCAD. 

Also CHP reports brush fire on SB 41 and car fire in SLO. Bound to happen with these temps. 


Wildfire in Gilroy/Hollister Area, West side of 101

•June 30, 2015 • 1 Comment

Lots of smoke across the 101 freeway causing visibility issues. Currently 20-30 acres. Cal Fire on scene.

Arbitrary and Random Photo Tuesday & the Mesa Fire

•June 30, 2015 • 1 Comment

I missed Friday, yet again, but in keeping an eye on the Mesa Fire, I saw this incredible shot. It is by the Santa Barbara Fire Department Public Information Office. The Engineer depicted is Cesar Martinez. All I can say is … WOW!


Wildfire in Santa Barbara County – Mesa Fire

•June 29, 2015 • Leave a Comment

3:30 pm – 200 acres being reported from several sources. Local KSBY weatherman reporting winds of 20 mph in fire area.

3:00 pm – Firefighters in Santa Barbara County are battling a 50-acre vegetation fire off of Burton Mesa Boulevard near La Purisima Mission just north of Lompoc.

Fire officials say the fire is spreading toward Cebada Canyon. Evacuations are in progress for people there. The mission has also been evacuated. 

It was reported at 50 acres with the potential to get much larger. I am gathering additional information and will post as it becomes available.



Be ever Vigilant

•June 26, 2015 • 1 Comment

And …

06/27/2015 10:42 LPF-1774

ILLEGAL CAMPFIRE Wildfire 2 MI EAST NACIMENTO RD . . . . . 35.991 x 121.494

Yet another abandoned campfire. PLEASE people! This is an example of why some of us lose our patience with some tourists.

06/26/2015 17:07 LPF-1762

New Wildfire PREWITT RDG & CG M . . . . . 35.971 x 121.451

Upcoming and July 4th weekend weather

•June 26, 2015 • 2 Comments

  From my SLO Weatherperson, “Asthe ridge remains entrenched, subtropical moisture will be  transported northward over most of California on Sunday into  Tuesday with increasing mid to high-level clouds and a potential for rain showers and thunderstorms. It will feel muggy in the inland areas, however, increasing northwesterly winds on Sunday  afternoon into Tuesday will keep the beaches and coastal valleys cooler. 

 The ridge will move off to the northwest late next week for gradually cooler temperatures over the 4th of July weekend.   


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