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HEADER PHOTO…is by Marie Maher Aisling. Congratulations.

Remember, for entries, it is 760×151 pixels.

Wild flowers, March 2015

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The last two are shooting stars, as XT points out, the first one is popcorn flower, and the second one is hound’s tongue. Sorry, my Jepson’s is still lost. It’s here somewhere! I have three more photos to upload, but will do so in a separate post, so I don’t need to rewrite the identifications.

Traffic Accident Closes Highway One for over 6 hours

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Just before 6 pm last night, a traffic accident near Ragged Point Inn closed Highway One in both directions for over 6 hours while rescue crews, fire, a heavy duty tow truck, and a helicopter tried to reach the driver and secure and retrieve a vehicle over the edge. The CHP website listed the accident as a fatality.
Click on log to enlarge

(CHP log provided by Jon Knight)

Wild Weather

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Wow, was today fun, or what? Reports of sudden squalls, lightning, hail, sunshine and rain simultaneously, in various locations throughout Big Sur. I only got .11″ up here today, but more yesterday – sorry, I forgot to write it down, but I remember it was up to .25″ at one point yesterday afternoon.

This was from yesterday.

Foto Fridays and Photo Contest

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As long as I have been running these header photo contests, people have sent in photos that won’t fit the format, no matter what I say or do. The same was true this time. Some of the photos have been absolutely stunning. I’ve decided to feature one or two “normal” photos rather randomly on Fridays, based on what I received that week. So if you have a photo that hasn’t lent itself to the header contest, now is your chance. Here is one from Dale Diesel (the rainbow) and one from Perry McCormick, both submitted for the contest.image


And congratulations to our winner, Marie!

Rain Prediction

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Big Sur Fashion Show canceled for this year

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Dear Fashion Friends and Fans,

We know many of you have been eagerly awaiting our 2015 date and the anticipated
call for designers announcement. Your fearless and dedicated team of BBBIS (Big
Big Sur Fashion Show) have been working diligently through the fall and
winter as we’ve been called to face new challenges for the show. Namely, the
challenge of a venue. While Henry Miller Library remains our fiscal sponsor and
most dedicated partner, our show has outgrown their beautiful space and we have
been doing a great deal of research for another Big Sur location where we can
safety and excitedly host the 800+ audience members, volunteers, sponsors and
participants that make up this amazing event.

After months of research without a clear solution emerging, we just made the
difficult committee decision that it is time for us to take a one year hiatus so
we can adequately to secure and plan for our new venue. After six years we are
taking a leap year!

We know this will be a disappointment to many of you, as it is to us. We didn’t
make the decision lightly, and it’s an incredible testament to you that we
simply can’t responsibly host this event anywhere with less than an 800 person
capacity. (After all, our tickets last year sold out in 7 seconds!) But we are
sooooooo pumped to take this amazing event to the next level in 2016, and our
Bohemian Recipes/ Flower Power themes will be waiting for us next spring.

We are prepared to move the show to Carmel or Monterey if the perfect Big Sur
spot is not revealed in 2016, although Big Sur is unquestionably our mission #1!
We very much welcome your ideas and input if you know of a public or private
property in Big Sur that can accommodate those numbers, with alcohol sales and

In lieu of the full affair this year, we are hosting a short series of catered
dinner theater evenings this spring at Henry Miller with inaugural screenings of
Lynette Tolentino’s full-length documentary about the big Big BIG Sur Fashion
Show, Ashes to Art. We are also still planning to host the Kid’s Fashion Show
costume workshops and runway event. Stay tuned for details!

We love you and are so grateful for your flexibility and patience as we leap to
new heights in 2016!

Ever yours,

Gaia Cascio, Lisa Goettel, Michelle Magdalena Maddox, Kendra Morgenrath, Katie
Newman, Jaime Oksas, Ashleigh Poland, Elsa Rivera, Rachael Short, Lynette
Tolentino, & Magnus Toren

Big Sur Fashion Show | | Big Sur Fashion Show | PO
Box 163 | Big Sur, CA 93920


Soberanes Incident

•February 22, 2015 • 4 Comments

I have no details, maybe Jon Knight will chime in. I checked CHP, and wild-CAD, and nothing mentioned. Photo by Martha Diehl


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