FOTO Friday, 12


Okay, I admit, I didn’t take this. Either Debbie or Rose did on our trip to Hawaii a few years ago. It is one of the few portraits of myself I like!

~ by bigsurkate on February 7, 2014.

14 Responses to “FOTO Friday, 12”

  1. I like knowing what you look like, however, my facebook photo is 45 years old!

  2. beautiful lady

  3. great pic!

  4. How lovely you are. I can see all the beautiful self-reliance, surity, smart in you, that your very flesh reflects the kind of life you lead. I should be painting your portrait. I wouldn’t set you indoors though, I think mountain conquering, wind and wild skies, home, cats, dogs and geography included. Somehow get the copper tub in there. Kate The Rough Rider. But the hat, the nail polish, hell yes, both would always work.

  5. Barbara, thank you. Yeah, but I wish my fingernail polish wasn’t chipped!

    bigsurkate, on a mountain top in Big Sur

  6. My FB portrait is a Balinese frog! This one is about 3 years old. We were vacationing in Kauai – lots of Mai Tais. Very relaxed. 😉 it was on the lanai of a still working plantation whose house had been converted to a restaurant, gift shop, etc. it also had a train that went through all the fields, which we took.

  7. Thank you, Nancy.

  8. Thanks, Anne. My friend did good!

  9. This is a truly great image. Not often the eyes are the focus of a portrait. Smart eyes Kate. The hat ain’t bad either!

  10. Sorry, I mis-spoke. I can see this lovely photo of you just fine. I guess it was another post. I’ll figure it out and let you know. Right now, I’ve got to go. Lois


  11. That is a good photo, Kate.
    The new header photo is good, too- Cone Peak;
    keep wishing those clouds away, but they were a part of that moment.

  12. Love it! Perhaps it was the Mai Tais. Seems the best portraits are when the subject is relaxed. I just took the nail polish to be one of those cute designs they do nowadays! Simply lovely… 🙂

  13. Love this photo of you Kate.

  14. Very nice picture. You do look relaxed.

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