Best Blog of Monterey County, 2014

Sorry, just had to brag a bit.

~ by bigsurkate on March 27, 2014.

14 Responses to “Best Blog of Monterey County, 2014”

  1. Kate: Congratulations – well deserved!

  2. so true……the best. M

  3. Well earned Kate!

  4. Congrats! Always my choice for what’s going on….

  5. Hooray!!! Well deserved. Lot of hard work. Extremely worth it to all of us!

  6. Hoorah! Wonderful, Kate. Entirely right, you are a resource, a marvelously conscientious reporter, and a credit to the peninsula. The state. The country. North America. Shucks, I think you do the whole planet a lgreat lot of good. Brava!!

  7. Absolutely well deserved. So many of us living south of you rely on your information for fires, roads, emergencies not to mention following the trials and tribulations of your unique life and also love stories about your pets.

  8. omg when you’re hot you’re hot.
    You really are the best, we know that.

  9. Congratulations Kate!

  10. Looks like the folks ahead of me took the words right out of my mouth. Congratulations and you very much deserve the recognition!

  11. Of course your blog is the best, as are you for all the time, love and accurate reporting you provide for us and people all over the world. Thank You Big Sur Kate. I so appreciate you. Hugs.

  12. You brag all you want! We appreciate your blogging!

  13. Congrats! I was just thinking about what an indispensable service you provide for the community down there during the big scary emergencies (like fires and road closures) and the everyday neighborly news (connecting people and promoting local events). And, I know it’s not always easy for you to get internet access to post online. You put in a lot of work for your blog, and we all benefit from it. A challenge and job well done, Kate! Thank you.

  14. You make it easy for peole in and out of Sur to be informed of vitals as you do. Thanks from Orcas Island, and yes, a BIG CONTRATULATIONS TO THE BEST.

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