I got home to my fur kids on Friday afternoon. I’ve wanted to post about Africa, about the trip home, about being home on my beloved coast, but jet lag has kicked my butt. I have so much to do to get “back on track” with the life I lead here on this side of the globe. I’m waiting for my body to catch up.

Today, I woke early, but was able to get back to sleep until 5:30, unlike yesterday morn when I woke at 2 – for the day, not temporarily. I missed getting Don Harlan’s Highway One report up for this morning. I should be back on track next Monday.

Lastly, I want to thank my “blog sitters” Deb and Mike – my “tag team” – I can’t thank you enough. Internet in Africa was variously slow, intermittent, to non-existent. So catch up this week with coverage of the Muster on Saturday. See you there, I hope!

~ by bigsurkate on June 9, 2014.

6 Responses to “Re-entry”

  1. Gee, Welcome Home , sorry for the jet lag . Who was it that said that ” Your Soul can only travel as fast as a Dog can run ” ?

  2. Good to have you back Kate! Anytime you need a blog babysitter just holler.

  3. Great to know you’re back on this land, can’t wait for more accounts of the far off places, re-acclimate, and welcome home. And yes, your ‘blog-sitters’ did an ace job. Your header with the Cheetahs is so beautiful.

  4. Will do, Mike!


  5. Kate…..I been telling everyone I know…now you, that your back….

    Just north and below Hurricane Point.

    inform all of your readers and maybe….the powers that be….of this hazard.
    I saw it a few weeks ago when i pulled of to catch a cell call. I walked (thankfully) into the dirt area, as I parked on the pavement……what a mess…….M

  6. I forwarded this to the powers that be in CT. Thanks, Mombo. I’ll let you and my readers know of any response I get!


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