Stoney Fire Update

Noon – Last anticipated update – they are calling this puppy contained. I got the following email from a source with FHL at 11:15 this am:

“Hey Kate…..the stoney fire got into the back drop off of redman an has burned over pizza hill…..they’ve got 4 dozers working it….from the burn side on nac-ferg an are opening old breaks from the kirk fire over to del venture….sounds like maybe gonna burn off from the break once they punch it in…..they said nac-ferg is still open [ed. note – The “official” word is that it is still closed, probably due to possible burn-out operation]….they also have engs from Monterey cnty helping out too…..SLO county hasn’t sent anything yet…also paso air attack has a 4 eng. job there now with 74 an 75….looked like a DC-6….probably forest service.

9:00 – Stoney Fire is reported at 5,000 acres according to WildCAD. Cal Fire reports the acreage at 4,800 with 50% containment.

8:00 – I am postponing Foto Friday until 5:00 pm, so that I can bring myself and my readers up-to-date on the fire at FHL. I had to will myself to sleep with the smell of smoke clogging my nostrils. It is amazing the memories triggered by smell – my mother’s perfume, a baby’s powder … The smell of smoke.


~ by bigsurkate on June 20, 2014.

7 Responses to “Stoney Fire Update”

  1. Hearing your voice is reassuring, I’m sorry for the reminders of what was. Stay safe and well.

  2. Forest Service now says 5,000 acres.

  3. Thx for update, Keith. My internet on and off this am, so it helps me and readers. Can’t see Willow Creek

    bigsurkate on iPhone


  4. Doesn’t the military get news of the fire hazard?
    They should follow this blog.

  5. 100% contained as of 10:30

  6. Ft. Hunter Liggett says NF Rd. will “reopen in the next couple of days.”

  7. Yeah!

    bigsurkate on iPhone


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