The World is full of Rainbows

Taken today by Brendon Shave


~ by bigsurkate on December 2, 2014.

9 Responses to “The World is full of Rainbows”

  1. Yep, rainbows over the mailbox seemed like a really good sign… but unfortunately the expected check is still missing! (;>))

  2. A day of rainbows, too lovely, thanks.

  3. What part of the coast is this? Lisa G and I are stumped….

  4. Looks like Garrapata Beach.

  5. It is north, past Rocky Point, not too far from Sobranes Point.


  6. I think Alan is right!


  7. That guy driving South is looking all around…
    “Why’s everybody stoppin’?”

  8. LOL, I didn’t notice that, Wally.


  9. Its taken from just north of the Garrapata Creek Bridge at the south end of the beach parking. Those are our very elegant mailboxes on the left.

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