Foto Friday, 12/19/14

It has been a few weeks, but … Here are a couple I took this week out my window during breaks in our storms.




~ by bigsurkate on December 19, 2014.

9 Responses to “Foto Friday, 12/19/14”

  1. Wow X 3!

  2. The greening of the hills makes a hugh difference.
    That middle photo, I Iikey!

  3. #2 is a Big Sur image not seen enough. Powerful imagery Kate.

  4. Thanks, yeah, Wally and Mike, 3 is my fav also.


  5. Wow! You capture the magic of the kingdom.

  6. whatta place!!!!!!

  7. Beautiful front yard you have Kate. I love #3 as well.

  8. Front, back, side … Yes, I am blessed


  9. The bottom picture, Kate. To stand there, in person, to see that, would take my breath away for a moment.

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