March Wather Predictions

i am almost hesitant to publish this, considering how inaccurate these models have been lately, but if true, would be cause for celebration.


~ by bigsurkate on February 28, 2016.

9 Responses to “March Wather Predictions”

  1. If only. Been watching Kenny Comello cut down dead pines above Willow. 3/4″ total in Hollister for February..

  2. I have low trust in forecasts more than 54 hours out. High pressure ridges keep blocking out promising storms. But these sure look good in the model charts.

  3. I am with you there, Cal … Will just have to wait and hope.


  4. I don’t blame your suspicions, Kate. El Nino with all the dire predictions seems to have come for a day or two then curled up its toes and gone. Leaving fake science of weather predicting turned sci fi hysterics: rising waters, skin peeling heat, ice bergs R Us. You can tell when to take the wash off the line by looking at the sky and listening to toads croak .

  5. My it be so!

  6. I love your descriptions, Barbara … They are gateways to such a colorful world!


  7. We are probably all hoping it is so, Gunta!


  8. Barbara, your comment made my day.

  9. Croaking toad:

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