Images: Soberanes Helibase, Carmel Valley

Post and photos by Mike Morales, my assistant admin. He forgets to give himself credit, so I will. 😉

Most of the assembled fleet of helicopters at the helibase in Carmel Valley stayed on the ground yesterday. There were 13 helicopters on the ground when I viewed the setting near noon. There’s a buzz of activity surrounding these airships with mechanics, ground crew support personnel and fuel trucks. Most of the birds are on contract so each contracting company has their own support team. It adds up to quite a lot of action at the grass field, Carmel Valley Vintage Airport.

Helibase, Soberanes Fire July 29, 2016

Helibase, Soberanes Fire July 29, 2016

Soberanes Fire Helibase, Carmel Valley

Soberanes Fire Helibase, Carmel Valley

Cal Fire Copter 406 flew in and as it landed around eight men who looked more like a security detail than firefighters hopped out and formed a perimeter around the aircraft, facing outward. I thought a dignitary was about to disembark, none did. It’s likely this crew was preparing for a VIP tour at some point later in the day. It would not be surprising the see the governor or a high placed fed come in for a look through.

Carmel Valley Helibase

Carmel Valley Helibase

Soberanes Fire Helibase, July 2016

Soberanes Fire Helibase, July 2016

~ by Mike Morales on July 30, 2016.

8 Responses to “Images: Soberanes Helibase, Carmel Valley”

  1. Mike, thanks so much for your help and for posting this. Could not do this without you. Now, with Lucas on board, I feel the weight lifting. Actually enjoying an early cuppa Joe. 😉

  2. Happy to support Kate. Fifth straight day of heavy ground level fog here at Crossroads. Will be watching through the weekend as they build out the new base camp right behind our house. I’ll prepare a post on the situation tomorrow.

  3. Mike, could you please tell all the readers generally where they are building a new base camp? And, how does this base camp compare to Toro IC center? This is an additional camp or are they relocating another one? Thanks.

  4. Whoops, I think Kate is answering that question in the other daily posting, so no need to answer here.

  5. I can shed a little more light on the exact location Carolyn. It is being formed on the La Canada Golf Club property, specifically the west course. La Canada is in the process of shutting down as the property is being donated for conservation purposes. It’s a perfect spot to house a base for a large group. Last night bulldozers were constructing a road off of Carmel Valley Road between Carmel Middle School and the golf club that can accommodate large trucks and equipment.
    Fire crews will be able to sleep in relative quiet tucked back in there close to the river.

  6. Thank you for the expanded information, Mike.

  7. Mike, the West Course will be houses soon. The East will become a park of some sort.

  8. A continued thank you, to all of you keeping us up to date of the Soberanes Fire happenings. We are truly grateful.

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