Beauty in the midst of madness

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~ by bigsurkate on November 7, 2016.

11 Responses to “Beauty in the midst of madness”

  1. Beauty will return with the next collection of storms. #letsgo.

  2. Absolutely stunning photos!

  3. The mystic green lane (top) & the redwood moss cabin (bottom) are winners. T-Y.

  4. Thanks, Wally. Did you go through the slide shows?


  5. Very touching, rich stuff. Thanks Kate.

  6. Beautiful! The cabin looks like an old miner’s cabin, is it?

  7. Little Philly, it wasn’t taken in the Los Burros District, but on the North Coast, so probably not. But it is abandoned.


  8. Thanks, we needed those beautiful pictures.

  9. Thank you. Necessary tonight. Actually, necessary always.

  10. Hi Kate, yes, the slide shows loaded after 20 seconds, or so.
    The open orchid-like white flower with the center color is a beauty; &, I always enjoy the west photo from Mount Olympus🙂
    The mystic green lane you have shown before, I believe, I could stare at that & feel transported to that place. What the photo doesn’t communicate is the deep, rich Earthy fragrance of actually standing there.
    The cabin reminds me of one that used to stand on the north side of Partington Cyn creek; I was visiting my friends that lived there on December 8th, 1980. We had just gotten back from hiking to the Roosevelt Tin House, when we heard the crushing news about John Lennon.
    Anyway, cabin was long ago dismantled & moved, but it was lovely.
    Glad that you shared the pics. W.

  11. Very lovely pictures for sure! Thanks for sharing. Totally agree that they were needed today.

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