Soberanes Fire, Day 8, 7/29/16 – Dozer Maps




The number of maps has drastically increased, so I’ll be loading them in groups of 3 until done. They are a PIA to make sure they are loaded in order.


Three at a time works really well, unless I get sidetracked. Here are the next three 10-12


And the next 13-15


And lastly, 16-19


~ by bigsurkate on July 29, 2016.

10 Responses to “Soberanes Fire, Day 8, 7/29/16 – Dozer Maps”

  1. Kate, where can I get a higher resolution of page 5 of the dozer map. My home is in this area and would like to zoom in to see more detail if possible

  2. You can zoom in. May have to download first. Don’t know your set up, so you will have to figure out how to do that with what you have.,

  3. Rob, Adam Clark posted this link to the large map that is high rez and you can soom in on the pdf.

  4. These are great — and very useful for all of us here in Big Sur. Does anyone know the link to the nightly infrared map too? That’s a great resource too.

  5. These are great maps — thank you! On the same note, does anyone know the link to the nightly IR maps?

  6. TO ZOOM – hold CONTROL and + (on mac COMMAND and +)

  7. great high rez map – keep them coming

  8. I got all the maps uploaded that I have.

  9. Kate, you’re a force of nature and a wonder. I’m well out of the danger area but I greatly appreciate being able to follow what’s happening!! Thank you!
    Haven Jewett-Roberge

  10. […] Big Sur Kate has some great dozer maps of the fire as of early this morning. They explain why the fire has made strong progress to the south and east. The newest MODIS images show that that is happening, but the lines are holding elsewhere. […]

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